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Capristo Racing Exhaust System without Valves

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 430
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Ferrari 430 Sport Exhaust System from Capristo

There are multiple options for sports exhaust upgrades from Capristo for your Ferrari F430. You can change, going from the back, to the front of the car anyone of the following original parts:

  • Rear silencer
  • Catalysts
  • Manifolds

For this reason we offer different stages which replace progressively more of these sections, with stage three replacing everything back to the engine. These are:

  • Stage 1 rear silencer replaced with Race silencer
  • Stage 2 catalysts also replaced with high-flow sports catalysts
  • Stage 3 silencer, catalysts replaced - manifolds also switched out for high-performance, stainless steel manifolds with heat protection. Complete system.

The idea with the 430 is to transform the tone of the car into something much more Ferrari-esque. It's loud already but the OEM sound quality is cheap and nasty.

Well the Capristo exhaust give the 430 a radically different higher pitched exhaust note to stock. Once fitted the 430 screams like an F1 car - the exhaust note remains deep and throaty at low revs, but as the revs climb up, the note changes and becomes a very different, high pitched woofly howl which finally ends up in a full blown F1 scream.

The sound develops linearly without needing to wait for valves to open or close so you prevent that nasty obnoxious "blowing sound" the car generates when the valves transition on the stock exhaust.

Stage 2 adds a set of Capristo Sport cats to the system above with the major benefit being a healthy increase in power (quoted is 510bhp) along with a further improvement in high pitched racy exhaust note.

Stage 3 adds a set of the Capristo performance manifolds: These beautiful manifolds finally end the reliability issues associated with OEM Ferrari 430 manifolds. Furthermore they are optimised to reduce exhaust backpressure from colliding exhaust flow pulses from the separate exhaust ports on the engine which reduces backpressure, adds power (up to 530bhp with the full Capristo exhaust) and gives an even racier higher pitched sound!