HRE Tuning Products for Bentley

When you’re driving a Bentley, you expect it to get noticed. Yet even this maker of highly-individual cars plays it safe when it comes to the style of the wheels it offers as factory-fitted options. That leaves scope for you to equip your Bentayga with some carefully-chosen aftermarket parts which will enhance its look, while in no way diluting your driving pleasure.

Scuderia Car Parts has teamed up with Californian company HRE to offer a hand-picked selection of multi-spoke forged Monoblok (single-piece) alloy wheels which will endow your Bentayga with a truly distinctive appearance that’s sure to get noticed. HRE’s range of wheels is only offered for those vehicles the maker considers most suitable, and that’s why fitted a set of these wheels to your Bentayga will give it real individuality which takes it beyond even that which Bentley offers for your car’s colour, engine spec and the range of details which you can choose for fitting out its interior. This is uniqueness taken to a completely new level.

We’re here at Scuderia Car Parts to officially represent HRE, along with several other highly prestigious Bentley aftermarket parts suppliers, and are proud to back up our products with all the advice you need to ensure you’re completely happy with your choices. So contact us as you set out on your journey to attaining your ultimate Bentayga.

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