Tubi Style Tuning Products for Porsche

If the view most road users will have of your Porsche 911 will be from the back as you roar past them, then why not make sure that what they see looks just as good as the rest of car? You’ll make a lasting impression if you’ve got a Tubi Style Porsche 911 exhaust system fitted, because even from the back, it will mark your car out as something special. That’s if they haven’t heard you coming first, of course - and that’s very unlikely when your car’s equipped with a Tubi Style exhaust. Made for the racetrack, this Tubi Style exhaust system is especially made so that there are as few obstructions between the engine and the tailpipe, so there’s nothing to get in the way of the glorious noise of your car putting down its power.

The stainless steel pipes used are highly polished to help repel road dirt, which contributes to these exhausts having a longer lifespan, as it eliminates the tiny crevices in which corrosive particles can accumulate. Even more noise improvements are guaranteed by the special type of catalytic convertor fitted to these Porsche aftermarket exhausts. They have fewer cells than factory-supplied systems, which reduces the amount of backpressure produced. This boosts the sound and power from the engine, while at the same time still cuts your emissions.

Scuderia Car Parts is proud to be an accredited supplier for Tubi Style exhausts, and our deep knowledge of and passion for performance cars means we can give you considered, impartial advice to ensure you get the exhaust system you need with the exact performance you’re looking for. Call, email or message us if you have any questions, and we can then update you with our current price for supplying a Porsche 911 Tubi Style exhaust direct from the factory, as well as giving you the latest lead time for fast, efficient delivery direct from the factory.

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