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Cargraphic Turbo Back Exhaust System (Catless With Flaps)

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  • Fitment Details: Porsche 911 (991)
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Porsche 991 Turbo Sport Exhaust System from Cargraphic

Any sport exhaust for your Turbo is a little more involved than a sports exhaust system for Carrera models (before they ALSO became turbo!). The reason is, on your 991 Turbo, the standard exhaust system is fully integrated - i.e. the catalysts (which clean exhaust flow) and the rear silencer are one single piece. This means that any sports exhaust for the car also has to contain catalysts as well as a rear silencer. The Cargraphic exhaust takes account of this but also has a very clever feature - it is switchable meaning you can choose a quiet or loud sound.

The kit comprises the following:

  • Integrated Primary 200 Cell Race Catalysts
  • Dual Silenced silencer with integrated valve control
  • Remote Control System

The 200 cell catalysts used here, which are OBD-compliant and made by HJS in Germany, do NOT trigger any warning lights and ensure your car will still pass MOT.

The key thing to note here is that the valves are both remote and automatically controlled. Using a programmable remote, (which takes a reading from a sensor plugged into the exhaust - this is all part of the kit) the valves are made to open automatically at high revs (giving you a loud sound and maximal power should you forget to open them when you press on), and can be made to open automatically at other points in the rev range which you can programme in (a "cruise mode" and "sport mode"). However, they can also be made to open at any time - primarily early on the rev range, via a separate remote control system which is supplied. This is a clever mechanism as it enables the driver, from the seat, to electronically silence the exhaust note when required (for those early morning getaways, and late night returns etc.) allowing quiet low speed/town driving or long distance cruising AND switch between different exhaust sound modes all the way through to fully open for maximum sound.

This system will essentially do two things for the car:

  • Sound
    It will radically change the exhaust note and feeling of your car (watch the video clips on this page). There is never any question of excessive volume of course because the system can simply be switched to quiet mode by remote control.
  • Power
    The second thing the Cargraphic exhaust will do is give power 25hp / 30Nm torque through the midrange. This is a sensational power increase for a plug in upgrade coming at useful revs to make the car feel discernibly faster (instead of near the rev limit) - it's even better in that it does not require ECU reprogramming nor high octane fuel. The high-flow sports cats are of excellent quality, produced using T309 aeronautic-grade stainless steel, and will NOT trigger a check-engine light as cheaper sports cats often do.

The Cargraphic complete system is substantially lighter than the stock exhaust - approximately 40% - its double-skinned construction with 304 grade stainless steel and excellent flow capabilities mean that less heat is retained within the exhaust reducing engine bay and surrounding areas.