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Cargraphic Sport Exhaust System Kit 3

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  • Fitment Details: Porsche 911 (991)
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Sport Exhaust System Kit 3
- for Porsche 991 GT3

Performance enhancing / Weight reducing exhaust
system with new generation long tube manifold set
with integrated 2 x Tri-metal 130mm big volume 200 cell highflow HD catalytic converters, fully OBD2 compliant

+15KW(20PS) more power and 19Nm additional torque

7,5kg weight reduction over standard system
Factory car function controls kept fully remained.
Inclusive active SPORT - button.

All parts mounted with AEROQUIP - fittings providing
perfect sealing combined with flexibility.
Connecting pipes are spring loaded to absorb vibrations
thus preventing stress cracking and allowing thermal expansion.

New modular design with the possibility of interchanging
components and fitment with OE / factory parts or
additional CARGRAPHIC high performance parts.

Developed for maximum flow the equal length long tube
primaries merge through a racing style spliced collector
with spike and create the following further advantages:
- Reduced backpressure
- Reduced temperature
- Maximized performance
- Enhanced sound
- Weight reduction
- Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for
accurate plain fit
- OE / factory engine diffuser plate remains in position

The system consists of:
- New generation long tube manifold set
2" / 50,8mm primary diameter
- Connecting pipe set from manifold to final silencer
with integrated 74mm exhaust flaps sleeve fitted
- Wheel arch silencer set with reinforced bandstraps
- Connecting pipe set wheel arch silencer to final silencer
- Fitting kit