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Tubi Style Central Rear Exhaust

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  • Fitment Details: Porsche 911 (991)
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There are three different products available:

  • TSPO991GT3.030.A  Porsche 991 R, GT3, GT3 RS central rear exhaust. It is louder than the stock one
  • TSPOGT3C10.900.AT  Porsche 991 R, GT3, GT3 RS straight pipes central rear exhaust. It permits to achieve the louder sound result, and to save a 4,5kgs weight.
  • TSPO997GT317.000.A  Porsche 991 R, GT3, GT3 RS central rear Exhaust with resonator. This is a straight pipes solution, where we applied a resonator to guarantee the best Exhaust sound quality.