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When you drive your Nissan GT-R, you’ll know that one of the most important elements of the experience it creates comes from the sound of its exhaust system. So if you’re unhappy with the sound you get from yours, you should look for a system which has the technical sophistication of the manufacturer’s original - one which is made specifically for your GT-R. Capristo makes just such a product, the GT-R being one of a long list of exclusive and high-performance cars for which it has invested heavily in developing a series of complete exhaust systems, catalysts and downpipes every bit as good as those supplied with the original car.

Only a select handful of businesses are lucky enough to be appointed to the official Capristo distributor network, chosen on the strength of their in-depth knowledge of the products, and commitment to the highest standards of service. We at Scuderia Car Parts are one of those lucky businesses. That means when you need a new Nissan GT-R exhaust system, you can come straight to us and buy a Capristo system which meets all the quality and performance standards of the original. Talk to us, either by phone, email or sending us a message, to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be happy to give you our current price for a new exhaust system, and our lead times, along with an answer to any other questions you have - all so that you can buy from us in complete confidence.

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