Cargraphic Tuning Products for McLaren

Your supercar can have a super-sound and presence all of its own, thanks to Cargraphic aftermarket exhaust systems and catalytic converter and silencer kits. The German exhaust system and tuning products manufacturer’s set-ups are designed to meet the strict noise and emissions regulations of their home market which are among the tightest in the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still give your McLaren an exhaust sound which will get it noticed by everyone as you drive past. Cargraphic fully respects the sporting pedigree of all the car makers for whom it manufactures, and knows that a big part of the appeal of high-powered cars such as the McLaren 570 and the McLaren 650S lies in the sheer amount of presence that the sound of their exhaust gives them. 

Its sports rear silencer and catalytic converter kits are specifically designed to absorb the gases produced by the combustion process by using stainless steel wool and hundreds of precise perforations in the pipes, to optimise the flow of gas and in turn, reduce the back pressure created within the system. The grade of lightweight stainless steel used for most of the pipes was pioneered for the aircraft industry. It is precisely bent and cut to the required shapes using computer-controlled cutting and laser technology, so your system is identical and every bit as strong as the original part.

We’re proud at Scuderia Car Parts to have been chosen by Cargraphic to distribute its products, and to be able to back up their excellence with our renowned high-quality worldwide delivery service. That’s resulted in us earning ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ ratings by 94% of our customers through Trustpilot. See why they’re so happy to trust us to supply their aftermarket parts. Take a look at the exhaust systems we offer for your car, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. We’ll give all the answers we can to help ensure that you’re delighted with your product choice.

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