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  • Fitment Details: Lamborghini Aventador
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Lamborghini Aventador S Sport Exhaust system from Capristo

This system specifically comprises:

  • A set of twin connection, secondary cat-replacement pipes with flex-section (prevents the cat-pipes cracking when engine moves under load and exhaust is rigidly mounted)
  • A high flow twin-channel rear silencer with integrated valve operation
  • Heat protection blankets
  • A remote control kit with vacuum system (to allow sound volume control)
  • Capristo plug-in module to prevent engine warning lights from taking out catalytic converters

The CEL module is useful - without it, if you swap out the cats on an Aventador you will get a check engine light. Capristo are the only people making such a module and it works a treat.

It is the last word in sports exhausts for one of the very wildest performance cars in the world - to cut a long story short it will do the following for the car:

There is no longer any waiting for the valves in the stock exhaust to open so a strong exhaust note always present, regardless of throttle opening. Open the throttle further though and that's when it gets very dramatic. The real reason this system is purchased is because it completely unleashes an F1-style scream which is somewhat supressed by the stock exhaust - as the revs climb, the high pitched tonal quality is intensified. Post Capristo exhaust install, at high rpm, the car now produces a quite ferocious, tearing, ripping F1 scream - its LOUD, wild, utterly sensational and visceral stuff - essentially a sound to match the car. In addition there are plenty of racecar style effects with banging and popping on upshifts with a real race-car propensity to spit, pop and flame on the overrun and trailing throttle!

The second thing this system will do is increase power. The reduction in backpressure from the cat replacement pipes, together with the ability to switch the rear silencer (via the remote control) to a direct exit (racecar sound position), is enormous, allowing the engine to breathe with hugely improved efficiency when it really needs to (namely high rpm). Gains will be in the region of 22bhp!