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From motorcycle sidecars to a much-admired range of high-quality and high-performance luxury cars, Jaguar has clocked up almost a century of producing vehicles bearing its famous ‘leaping cat’ badge. The development of car bodies emerged initially as a sideline to the business of the Swallow Sidecar Company. Jaguar was used as the name for one of its first models, but was later adopted as the company’s name. Merger with the British Motor Corporation, then in turn with Leyland Motor Corporation to become British Leyland, followed, and Jaguar was still part of this group when it was brought under public ownership in 1975. In 1984, Jaguar was separated from British Leyland as a private company, and became one of the major success stories of the privatisation policies pursued by Margaret Thatcher’s government. Chairman Sir John Egan set about cutting costs and addressing quality control issues. Ford then acquired the transformed business in 1990.

During this time, Jaguar and Land Rover started to collaborate on the design of their vehicles, and this became a fully-fledged partnership after the two were sold to Indian steel company Tata, which merged them into a single company in 2013. Jaguar has a long history of successful models, starting with the XK120 sports car, which captured the optimism of the post-war period, running through the Mark 2 and E-Type and the XJ Series - culminating in the XJ220 in 1992, which was for a time the world’s fastest production car.

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