Tubi Style Tuning Products for Ferrari

Having been born and brought up right alongside the proving ground for all the great Ferrari production cars, Tubi Style has clearly absorbed a great deal of Prancing Horse DNA, which is now evident in the huge range of its cars for which it has designed and crafted a range of sports exhausts and components. For catalytic convertor-fitted cars and those which have either had them removed or were not so equipped originally, its technicians have produced a range of exhaust systems that achieve substantial weight savings over the factory versions. Superior airflow also helps realise other savings which have a positive effect on your car’s performance, improving torque by about 7Nm at 4,000rpm, but the most telling figure is a reduction of 25Kg in your car’s overall weight, which you will be able to translate into an even sharper, more rewarding drive.

We have negotiated with Tubi Style to directly offer our customers its exhaust systems for the following Ferrari cars: 328; 355; 360; 430 Coupe and Spider; 458 Italia and Spider; and 488 GTB and Spider. Certain exhaust manifolds which we can supply are fitted with very useful thermal insulation, so helping protect the exhaust from some of the high temperatures generated when you’re really piling on the power, and during times of prolonged use. We will be pleased to fill in any gaps in this information to help you make the right choice of Ferrari aftermarket exhaust system for your car, so please email, message or call us. We can also give you our current delivery lead time forecast, and a price estimate.

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