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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 430
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Ferrari 430 Manifolds from Capristo

The 430 manifolds are to this day our most popular Capristo product. The reason is of course because the originals break so frequently, but also because they really are a fantastic alternative. The Capristo manifolds do two jobs; alleviate the problems associated with the originals, but also to improve upon the design and therefore performance and sound of the car.

The Capristo 430 Manifold kit comprises the following:

  • Two new large diameter polished steel performance 430 manifolds
  • Two thermal insulation jackets (to wrap around manifolds and keep engine bay temperature low)
  • Special muffler mounting bracket

More to the point, replacing the 430s stock manifolds with the Capristo manifolds on both road cars and Challenge Cars is a job that we are doing with ever increasing frequency for various 430 owners.

There's four reasons why they are so popular:

  1. They will genuinely give your 430 a very definite increase in BHP (and also give a fuller, deeper sound). They have been backpressure optimised - i.e exhaust pulses from the individual exhaust ports in the engine do NOT collide with each other because of the length and shape of the manifold tubing - as a result the engine breathes MUCH more freely as the revs climb and particularly with a Capristo exhaust, the engine pulls very strongly to the red line.
  2. They make the engine bay run cooler which is essential for hardcore track use.
  3. They'll never need to be replaced again (they are under warranty for life!)
  4. They are actually cheaper than buying a new set from Ferrari (which will inevitably break again!)

The problem of OEM Manifold failure lies primarily with the quality of the original Ferrari supplied manifold. Put simply, they are made with very thin, and low quality mild steel, unable to withstand the temperatures within the 430s engine bay. The heat generated by the cars running (especially during hard use) causes the manifold's mild steel to expand... when the car cools (when not running) the steel contracts. This continuous cycling of expansion and contraction results in minute cracks which eventually widen into full blown exhaust manifold failure and an exhaust leak which causes more engine bay damage, power loss, and a sound like a tractor!

The bracket kit supplied is important. The original exhaust brackets fix the system too rigidly to the car. This can cause the end pipes, cats and headers to be damaged through heat expansion. The bracket kit ensures that the exhaust system is fixed without any tension, thus allowing the exhaust system to expand with heat and reduce as it cools.

They combine brilliantly with the Capristo exhaust for the Ferrari F430.