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Horace Elgin and John Francis Dodge started out with a business not unlike many that we now represent. Initially, they set up a small factory in Hamtramck, Michigan, to supply bespoke car parts and assemblies to bigger car-makers such as Ford, before realising that they could do well actually building entire cars themselves. Trucks and run-of-the-mill cars were Dodge’s bread and butter right up to the 1970s oil crisis, which led to the parent company refocusing the business on small and medium-sized vehicles. The cars weren’t immune to the fashion of the time for tuning, and many were given various tweaks. So there emerged a new market for Dodge tuning parts, which we have taken up the baton for serving today. The business came under the wing of Chrysler in 1928, after the death of both of the founding brothers.

The 21st century has been turbulent for Dodge, featuring mergers between parent companies, bankruptcy, rescue by Fiat, and most recently in 2016, the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group merging with PSA Group/Stellantis, owners of the Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall and Opel brands. So now, Dodge finds itself part of the world’s second-largest automotive firm in Europe, behind Volkswagen. Yet it still holds a place in the hearts of many fast car fans, purely on the strength of one car - the Viper. Only officially sold here in the UK and the rest of Europe for two years, that was enough to earn it cult status. That standing was helped greatly by the car’s mean looks, which made it very attractive for owners who wanted to use Dodge tuning parts to help them make their cars unique, and explore the outer reaches of its performance potential. Cross over to our Dodge Viper aftermarket parts page now, to see how we can help you maintain and tune one of these most eye-catching and most American of high-performance cars.

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