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Capristo Sports Exhaust (E92)

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  • Fitment Details: BMW M3
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The Capristo exhsust for the BMW M3 (E92 model only) is a highly technological system. The system is made from aerospace grade T309 stainless steel and back pressure is monitored with two exhaust valves and a programmable control unit.

The muffler is back pressure-controlled and monitored with a freely programmable control unit from Capristo. This provides the possibility to individually program the back pressure setting you would like to drive with. This way, the maximum performance potential can be realised and any portion of back pressure resulting in a loss in performance is filtered out.

The Capristo sports exhaust for the BMW M3 (E92) combines all the advantages in both the lower and higher rev ranges since the back pressure can be exactly managed to enable the engine to gain the maximum performance.

The system has three modes:

  • Cruise mode - the exhaust valves open later
  • Sports mode - the exhaust valves open earlier
  • Open mode - the exhaust valves remain open

In both the cruise and sport modes you can individually program when the exhaust valves will open.

One big advantage is that the control unit recognizes the operators driving characteristics. If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by the device by the kind of back pressure that is generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately. Milder acceleration results in a later opening of the exhaust gas valves.