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BMW’s M Series cars were born out of a very successful track racing programme embarked on by the German car-maker in the 1960s. The M-cars are distinguished by their modified engines, gearboxes, suspension, interior trim, aerodynamics and other external additions, and are let loose on the public after first being tested on a private track at Germany’s legendary Nurburgring racing circuit. As they are intended to represent the pinnacle of BMW technicians’ achievements with each model, a huge market has emerged in various cosmetic additions which owners use to make their cars even more distinctive than is already done by the in-house boffins. Of course, BMW doesn’t especially like its cars to shout about their performance capabilities, and would rather leave it to individual owners to add whatever exterior embellishments they wish to give a hint of what their cars can do. That’s great news for you though, if you like to give your BMW the looks to match its sporting credentials - and is especially true if yours is one of the various ‘M’ models.

While the Bavarian company adds the M prefix to its top variants of most of its numbered ‘Series’ cars, except the biggest 7 Series, it does not give its cars the same extensive programme of modifications as applied to Mercedes’ AMG range. As an owner of a BMW M Series model, that leaves the door open for you to modify your car in a wide variety of ways, one of which is to add a set of HRE performance wheels. While your BMW M3 wheels will, of course, feature the company’s roundel at their centre, replacing them with a set of these wheels gives you much more scope to pick a design that’s more individual, and gives your car that ‘no ordinary BMW’ aura. We’re officially-appointed distributors of HRE alloy wheels, recommending them for fitting to either 20-inch or 21-inch wheels, and we’ll be able to advise you of the styles available for your BMW M Series if you get in touch. Click on the image of your model above to see the range of HRE forged alloy wheels that we offer to make your car a real attention-grabber. Then contact us if you need any more information, or to find out our latest prices and delivery times, as these can vary due to factors outside our control.

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