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Audi RS5 Sport Exhaust System from Capristo

A lot of RS5 owners enquire with us looking to improve the sound of their car. Unfortunately, from stock the RS5 does have a somewhat unexciting sound which is flat, strangled and doesn't really do such a sporting car justice. With a good quality sports exhaust system fitted, the RS5 CAN sound fantastic. Read the information below about the world's best sports exhaust for your RS5 made by Capristo.

To understand more clearly on exactly what it is we would be replacing, you must first consider that there are three components that make up the original exhaust on the RS5 excluding the manifolds:

  • Rear silencers
  • Centre muffler
  • Catalytic converters (at the front of the car)

The 'complete' Capristo exhaust for the RS5 comprises the following:

  • Dual-channelled valved rear silencer set (left and right)
  • If Resonated: Lightly silenced centre section to replace stock central silencer
  • If Not Resonated: Straight-through pipe to replace stock central silencer (this is very highly recommended)

This is therefore a 'cat-back' exhaust which leaves the original catalysts on the car and replaces everything backwards from them. This means emissions are not affected in any way. As a further assurance of quality, the TÜV certificate of approval for the Capristo exhaust can be provided request.

Installation is very simple – it is a bolt on upgrade with no conversion work required, as it mounts on in the same way as the stock exhaust using all the original fittings and mounts.

The system will do two main things for the car:

1. It will transform the sound

From start-up, the exhaust has a deep rumble to it, - the car is fuller, louder and deeper and you can really appreciate the volume increase. As you rise through the revs, this deep rumble progresses, eventually becoming a fantastic V8 howl – quite similar to the sound produced by the Audi R8 with the Capristo sports exhaust kit. This fantastic tonal quality is what gave Capristo its excellent reputation, and truly transforms the car.

The best feature however, is that the sound is fully customisable with Capristo exhausts. You'll be familiar with the 'Sport' button on the dash which when pressed, gives the exhaust a slightly more aggressive note. Obviously this is still not exactly satisfying, as the stock exhaust still has to be homologated to meet EU noise regulations so cannot by law improve sound too much. As an aftermarket manufacturer however, Capristo are not required to adhere to this and therefore are able to create a much more exciting sound! When you press 'Sport', all you are essentially doing is opening the valves in the stock exhaust and the Capristo system works in the exact same way. When open, the exhaust operates at full volume (effectively sending exhaust gasses through a direct-exit channel), projecting the wonderful Capristo tone described above from it. When closed however, this sound is quelled, enabling the driver to make a more subtle entrance/exit, or to have a less invasive noise on those longer journeys.

Without Centre Silencer

With Centre Silencer

The quiet channel is not intrusive in the cabin at all and is only slightly noticeably louder than stock. Knowing that the RS5 is often used as an everyday car, it was imperative that there was no boom, drone or resonance at any point. Even in the loud channel you get no boom whatsoever.

2. It will increase power

Many exhausts manufacturers make overstated power increase claims– Capristo do not - as seen in the dyno printout on this page where the car gains around 12bhp.

The Capristo complete system is substantially lighter than the stock exhaust - approximately 30% - its double-skinned construction and excellent flow capabilities mean that less heat is retained within the exhaust reducing engine bay and surrounding mechanical/system temperatures. It is worth noting the system is NOT made of the typical grade 304 Stainless steel offered by run-of-the-mill performance exhaust manufacturers. Instead it is manufactured with the far more expensive higher grade 309 stainless steel to ensure long term reliability and for the temperature benefits detailed before which will be important in extreme high-performance car applications as this.

The exhaust is extremely straightforward to fit and can be fitted by any capable garage. It just mounts onto the original fitting points. There is no Capristo-specific knowledge required.