1. Once goods have left our premises, our ability to compensate you for any problems encountered is restricted to that offered to us by the designated courier. As we do not move the goods ourselves, we are unable to compensate you any further than we ourselves are compensated by said courier.
  2. It is essential therefore, that you consult, and are fully aware of the compensation offered by the couriers we use: DHL
    DHL Global Forwarding
    Rico Logistics
  3. Where available, you may select enhanced liability on your shipment if the courier offers it. The terms of enhanced liability are also highlighted in the relevant courier's conditions of carriage (accessible via the links in point 2). So, if we were delivering you £5,000 worth of Ferrari Parts weighing 40kg with TNT and you opted for TNT enhanced liability, and TNT lost the shipment, TNT would compensate us to the value of the invoice the goods were shipped with, which in this case would be £5,000. We would therefore compensate you to the value of £5,000.
  4. Not all goods are covered to the same extent by each courier. We urge you to pay special attention to delicate parts, such as glass, when reading the conditions of carriage in section 2. TNT for example, do not offer enhanced liability on glass items. So, if we were delivering you a windscreen worth £2,000 weighing 40kg with TNT, and it broke in transit, TNT would only compensate us to the value of 8 x 40 =£320. £320 therefore, is all we would be able to offer you in compensation in this example.
  5. In order to make a damage claim, we must be informed of the damage to the goods delivered within 48 hours of you receiving the goods, so we are able to report it to the relevant courier in the time limits they restrict us to. If something is signed for in good condition, then a claim cannot be processed, as the courier will not allow us to make a claim. We therefore urge you to thoroughly inspect every shipment before signing for it.
  6. We cannot offer you anything more than the courier company in question offers us, in terms of liability, responsibility or compensation. From the moment the goods leave our premises, full liability passes from us to the courier who is transporting them and we will only ever be able to offer to you what they offer to us.