Scuderia Car Parts will be closed on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd of April for our Easter stock take.

You may purchase your parts online as normal. Please see revised shipping schedule below:

• Fully-stocked online orders made from 19th to 22nd April will have an estimated delivery date of Thursday 25th April.

• 'To-order' parts will be subject to a two-working-day delay with normal service resuming on Tuesday 23rd of April.

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Porsche owners truly know the thrill of driving a machine steeped in racing pedigree. But despite the incredible German craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing a Porsche, occasionally owners will have a need for a new part. You can rely on Scuderia Car Parts to provide you quality, durable Original Equipment parts sourced directly from the factory when that need arises. Whether you've spun off the track, broken down on the motorway, or you're just in need of a replacement part, we're here to help! We've been working with Porsche's for over 16 years for both retail and wholesale customers and now we deliver OE parts all across the globe.

970.044.200.33 Image

$2,756.44 each

991 347 005 16 Image
Steering gear, Complete

$1,315.61 each

$919.73 each

958.628.023.00 Image
Windscreen wiper system, Complete, Comprising:, Position, 1,2,3,7

$459.53 each

987.561.179.03 Image

$401.36 each

$391.59 each

987.561.180.03 Image

$389.64 each

991 352 948 03 Image
Brake pad repair set, Comprising:, Brake pad, Use also:, Mounting parts

$382.82 each

997.343.042.00 Image
vibration damper

$303.46 each

997.333.059.10 Image
shock absorber

$279.27 each

9A1.106.048.00 Image
Water pump, Complete

$250.59 each

955.351.939.07 Image

$243.01 each

970.631.083.01 Image
additional headlamp

$218.10 each

948.103.031.34 Image
Piston, Tolerance range, X, Identification, -, 539 - 544 G, Valid for, Model year, 2005, See technical information, Group 1, NR.5 / 04

$213.94 each