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Product Description:
Screw, M6 x 16mm, Hex Flange Head

This car part is suitable for the following models:
DB9 (2004-2012), DB9 (2013-2016), DBS V12, Rapide, V12 Vantage and 5 other model(s). See fitment details for more information.

Model Subcategory
DB9 (2004-2012) Body Dash and Cowl (Coupe) Body Dash and Cowl (Volante) EV Structure (Volante) Battery Hold Down Battery Cable Engine Lubrication Electronic Antenna, up to and including (2008) Premium Speaker Assembly (B&O) (Coupe) (9.5MY) Premium Speaker Assembly B&O (Volante) (9.5MY) Roof Opening Panel Wiper Blade Assembly
DBS V12 Body Dash and Cowl (Coupe) Body Dash and Cowl (Volante) Body Rear End Composite Parts (Volante) CCB-BIW Mounting Brackets Engine Lubrication Premium Speaker Assembly (9.5MY) Trunk Latching System Wiper Linkage Assembly
Rapide Engine Lubrication Grille Radiator Fuel Pump Driver Mudules Premium Audio Amplifiers Wiper Linkage Assembly
Vanquish (2001-2007) Front Bumper and Apron Windscreen Wipers
V12 Vantage License Plate Brackets License Plate Brackets, Swiss Premium Audio Amplifiers Electronic Antenna Premium Speaker Assembly Wiper Link Assembly
V8 Vantage License Plate Brackets, Swiss Wiring Assembly, Body (Coupe) Wiring Assembly, Body (Roadster) Engine Lubrication (Line Fit) Evaporative Emissions Evaporative Emmissions Electronic Antenna Electronic Antenna (2009) SDARS Antenna (Roadster) Rear and Screen Electronic Antenna (Roadster) Folding Hood Assembly Manual Transaxle Body Side Quarter Trim Assembly Body Side Quarter Trim Assembly (Roadster) Wiper Link Assembly
Virage Body Rear End (Volante) Battery Engine Lubrication Radiator Grille Rear Close Latching System Premium Speaker Assembly - B&O
V12 Zagato Grille Opening Panel Instrument Panel Cross Car Beam Assembly Wiper Linkage Assembly Licence Plate Brackets, Swiss Licence Plate Brackets, RoW Speaker Assembly - B&O
Vanquish (2012+) Cross Car Beam Assembly Battery SDARS Tuner Antenna, VOLANTE Speakers B&O Power Amplifier and Microphone B&O, COUPE
DB9 (2013-2016) Body Rear End, VOLANTE Body Rear End, COUPE Instrument Panel Cross Car Beam Assembly Battery DAB Tuner, 14, 5MY Radio Receiver NON SDARS Blanking Plate Speakers - B&O

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