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Telephone module

Internal quad-band GSM telephone module with Bluetooth® interface for ease of use and optimised voice quality. Please note: Information on compatible mobile phones is available from www.porsche.com or your Porsche Partner. the use of a mobile phone inside a vehicle may cause an increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength and, accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. Use of the telephone module for PCM via Bluetooth® SAP connection or with an inserted SIM card prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation as only the vehicle’s external antenna is used. Depending on vehicle model and equipment, a new roof console may be required. This entails additional costs. Contact your Porsche Partner for further information

Order Number/Code: 991 044 901 31

Enables calls to be made in the following modes:
- with inserted SIM card, calls are made through the GSM external aerial
- via the Bluetooth® link established by the SIM Access Profile (SAP).Once automatic pairing of the devices is complete, the mobile phone’s GSM aerial is switched off to conserve battery charge and calls are made through the GSM external aerial (only available for mobile phones that support the SIM Access Profile)
- via the Bluetooth® link established by the Handsfree Profile (HFP).In this mode, the GSM connection is made through the aerial of the mobile phone
Includes microphone, hands-free function, mute function and operation of all the most important telephone functions, including call lists and phonebook access (depending on mobile phone), by PCM, multifunction steering wheel or voice control system (depending on operating mode).
Note: only available in conjunction with PCM with navigation module

Available for:
  • Boxster S
  • Boxster
  • Boxster GTS

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