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Glove Compartment (Wood)

Ferrari Genuine offers owners the possibility of customising their FF with wood trim details. Wood takes pride of place in an ambience where elegance reigns supreme. Experience the sheer opulence of this noble material in Ferrari's most exclusive GT ever, with the contrasting tones and nuances of different prestigious varieties creating a warm atmosphere that embodies perfection.

Dark or light wooden accents are ideal for placing a special emphasis on individual elements: mahogany and teak. Mahogany is a very hard and compact wood that is easy to work with. The beauty, hardness and outstanding water resistance of teak, together with its resistance to rot and superior workability, have always been highly prized. The material used is selected by master marquetry craftsmen, who primarily check and match veining patterns and the natural colour differences of the wood. The wood is laser etched and cut to create the white maple inlay - a classic feature of yacht design. The wood is then given a final treatment of natural plant oil.

The process is therefore a perfect combination of master craftsmanship and state of the art technology striking an ideal balance between machine precision and the aesthetic sensitivity of the human eye, and the result complements the rest of the interior of the vehicle with such harmony that it could have been part of the original design.

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