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Exterior kit

A kit has been created for simple and precise cleaning of the vehicle exterior, composed of the following elements: Shampoo : this self-shining shampoo is the most simple solution for washing your car. Formulated to ECO green standards, this shampoo is effective even diluted and may be used in every wash cycle. Tyre dressing : the first step in proper tyre maintenance is to clean the surface of the tyre by removing accumulated rubber debris caused by road friction. Containing essential oils, aloe vera and henna, this product cleans, nourishes and shines tyres without leaving harmful residue. Insect remover: flies can pose a real problem insofar as the acidic substances they contain can ruin paintwork, creating marks and rings. This innovative product does not damage the bodywork and can be used in all conditions unlike other similar products on the market that can only be used on cold, dry bodywork. Interior cleaner: this eco-compatible product cleans carbon, plastic and glass impeccably for brilliant results. Wheel cleaner: developed with a universal formula which combines superior cleaning performance with complete eco-compatibility. The corrosive, unpleasant smelling and environmentally very harmful substances normally used have been substituted with acidic compounds of natural origin. Hand cream: with a formula created specifically for treating hands after performing car care.

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