Few names in the car world are as evocative as Lamborghini. As if the marque itself doesn't hold a special place in automotive history, the monikers of some of the cars - Gallardo, Diablo, Huracan and Aventador among them - define the very word 'supercar', and the cars bearing these names are among the most desirable anywhere. That the company's emblem is a bull is no accident - because it started out making farming machinery! Ferruccio Lamborghini, though, dreamed of building a desirable sportscar which could take the fight to Ferrari.

The Miura sports coupe was the first to earn worldwide attention and saw the company's reputation explode. However, the oil crisis of 1973 and subsequent doubling of petrol prices soon saw the company in financial trouble as its brand of cars quickly went out of favour - and even worldwide attention gained for the Countach supercar wasn't enough to save it. Rescuing the brand from bankruptcy in 1984, brothers Patrick and Jean-Claude Mimran diversified the business with a second sports car, the Jalpa, and an ill-fated off-roader, and just three years later, sold the business to Chrysler.

The American company oversaw the introduction of the Countach's successor, the Diablo, before selling Lamborghini on to groups of Far Eastern investors. They only spent four years in charge, before placing it in the hands of current owner, Volkswagen, in whose structure it sits as part of the Audi arm. The Ducati motorcycle company is also part of Lamborghini. More recent oil crises have seen Lamborghini sales suffer - but it all means that, if you do own one, it has been made so much more desirable. And that puts even greater onus on you to take care of it well - which is where we have the knowledge to be able to help you.

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While its current line-up consists of the Aventador and Huracan supercars and the Urus high-performance SUV, we at Scuderia Car Parts also have the resources and contacts to additionally offer owners of Diablo, Gallardo and Murcielago cars a reliable source of Lamborghini parts. So if you are lucky enough to own one of the ultra-rare cars we supply, below, you surely understand that it comes with a responsibility that's on a different scale from that involved in most cars - but when you get to know us at Scuderia Car Parts, that responsibility will be so much easier to handle.

Over two decades, we have painstakingly built a business dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to get hold of genuine, new original manufacturer parts for Lamborghini as well as a range of other prestigious and desirable cars, wherever you are in the world.

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