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  • Fitment Details: Porsche 911 (997)
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The Capristo sport exhaust is the best product available for the Porsche 911 997 Turbo/GT2/GT2RS and is a fully integrated system whereby the catalysts and rear muffler form a single piece which creates a genuine power increase as well as sound. The system contains integrated primary 200 cell race catalysts, a dual silenced muffler with integrated valve control, a remote control system, and twin ceramic end-tips.

The Capristo radically changes the exhaust note and feel of the car. It creates a fuller, deeper and throatier sound through the low and mid-range, and in the high revs creates an aggressive roar. A real power gain in the region of 50bhp is achieved due to the system being complete and the huge reduction in backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe with hugely improved efficiency, especially at high rpm.

The valves are both remote and automatically controlled as they open automatically at high revs to provide the loud sound, yet they can also be made to open early via the remote control system at the click of a button. Similarly the system can be silenced on demand as/when appropriate.

Made in ultra-high grade T309 stainless steel, the Porsche 911 Turbo Capristo system is also substantially lighter than the stock exhaust and its double-skinned construction and flow capabilities mean less heat is retained within the exhaust.