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Capristo Engine Bonnet in Carbon (Coupe)

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  • Fitment Details: Lamborghini Huracan
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Lamborghini Hurcan Carbon Fibre Glass Engine Cover from Capristo

Capristo's new carbon engine bonnet has drawn widespread interest and acclaim since its release. Developed in conjunction with Lamborghini Squadra Corse, it represents cutting-edge design and the highest quality of materials and manufacture.

The main bonnet is made from 100% carbon fibre in-house at Capristo's German factory. It features Aventador-style slatted glass panes and two vanes running down the centre of the slats.

The bonnet can be ordered in a variety of finishes:

  • Gloss visible carbon fibre
  • Matte visible carbon fibre
  • Primed for painting (interior, exterior, or both)
  • Pre-painted by us (interior, exterior, or both)

A pure carbon finish is by far the most popular option thus far. In addition, the visible carbon fibre will be supplied to exactly match original Lamborghini carbon weave. My personal favourite is the gloss carbon finish which is gorgeous and incredibly striking.

As one final customization option, two distinct designs of bonnet can be ordered - with or without air scoops. We are expecting the version without air scoops to be more popular, offering a very striking yet more subtle look which is beautiful and in-keeping with the original look of the car, staying true to its original lines. The version with air scoops offers customers a much more aggressive look with racecar-style scoops protruding around 9cm from the roof of the car. This gives the car a more unique profile and also increases cooling air flow to the engine bay.

Pictures of both options are on the page!

Capristo's engine bonnets are made in a specially-commissioned pre-preg autoclave to ensure a completely uniform fit each and every time. The quality of the carbon is exquisite and guaranteed to match or exceed the quality of any Lamborghini carbon you have pre-specced. The bonnet is designed to simply bolt-on in place of the original bonnet and is quick and straightforward to fit.