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Capristo Sports Exhaust with Valves

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 512
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The valved Capristo Sports Exhaust System for the Ferrari 512 TR, 512 M & Testarossa cat version (1989 and up), is available in Sound Level 1 or 3, and is made from T309 stainless, polished steel.

This system gives a huge performance advantage to the engine, which Capristo say is up to 30bhp. Most valve controlled exhaust systems on the market, open and close their valves depending on set values for RPM or speed. However, the important variable for the Capristo exhaust is backpressure. This system allows the exhaust valves to open at pre-set exhaust gas backpressure values, meaning it’s always optimised for the engine’s power.

Once fitted, this Capristo has the ability to recognise your driving style. The valves will open immediately if you push down on the pedal a bit too aggressively, recognising the build-up of pressure, but will open later under normal braking conditions.

The CES-3 valve controller has three programmable modes; ‘Cruise’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Open’ where you can determine the threshold and which can be alternated by key-fob remote controllers. You can also pre-set a ‘Favourite’ mode which determines how your car starts up. Information about pressure or mode can be displayed on the car radio via RDS and the Capristo Control Software has been developed for any advanced configuration.

Available options:
- Muffler with exhaust valves (CES-3 should be ordered)
- Catalyst spare pipes
- CES-3 programmable control unit

There is also a non-valved Capristo alternative that comes in 3 sound levels for the Ferrari 512 M, 512 TR & Testarossa, available HERE.