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Brembo Genuine BMW M Performance Carbon Ceramic Brake Retrofit Kit (34112358378)



  • Fitment Details: BMW M3
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Complete retrofit kit to convert BMW M3 (F80) & BMW M4 (F82, F83) to Carbon Ceramic brakes.

The new, Original Carbon Ceramic Brake is a technology from the sport of racing. The use of the high-tech, recyclable materials carbon and ceramic increases the thermal load capacity even in extreme situations such as those on the race track. The weight reduction of the brake disc has a positive effect on fuel consumption and also increases the agility of the M vehicle. The long service life of the discs also helps to prevent wear.

The Carbon Ceramic Brake offers even greater active safety compared to the M compound brake, depending on the situation. As a visual distinguishing feature, the brake calliper has been painted gold.

Features & Benefits

  • The sportiness of the vehicle is highlighted by an attractive appearance. In particular, the use of alloy wheels with an open tyre design.
  • A new type of carbon fibre composite ceramic: the brake discs are considerably more wear-resistant, making replacement a very rare occurrence.
  • Even more direct / spontaneous deployment of braking power under extremely high stress thanks to a high and stable coefficient of friction.
  • Maximum heat resistance, even in long-distance sporty use.
  • 60% lighter than conventional brake discs: The reduced unsprung masses decrease the weight of the chassis and improve wheel contact with the road. Weight reduction of rotating wheel masses by 13.50 kg.
  • More precise control of the braking power and improved agility when driving into curves due to the reduced mass moment of inertia.
  • Improved resistance against a decreasing braking effect due to a high thermal load (fading) than with the standard 6-piston fixed calliper brake with an internally ventilated and drilled cast brake disc.
  • High corrosion resistance of the material and thus an increased service life of the brake discs.
  • The BMW Carbon Ceramic Brake has been designed and tested according to internal requirements.


  • With a carbon fibre reinforced ceramic silicon carbide composite.

Technical Information

  • Weight reduction approx. 13.5 kilograms.
  • A new type of carbon fibre composite ceramic.
  • Only for use with 19” alloy wheels (also for winter tyres).

Supplied Package

  • Carbon Ceramic Brake discs, front and rear
  • Brake calliper housing, front and rear
  • Brake pad repair kit, front and rear
  • Brake booster
  • Brake protective cover, front axle
  • Fitting components (screws etc.)