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Quicksilver Saloon and Avant Sports Rear Sections (2008-10)

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  • Fitment Details: Audi RS6
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Making a great car even better! The V10 engined Audi RS6 is a technical wonder with huge power and unstickable traction  (Our's has solar-powered air conditioning). That even-firing V10 engine with twin turbos should produce one of the best engine notes.... ever.  But, the trouble is that most of the time you can't hear it. We can improve that - the QuickSilver exhaust provides a deeper presence at low speed, a note the rises with rpm and enhances all the turbo's sound elements. The 'Burp' on the up-change and the 'autoblip' on the down-change are amplified to provide a much sportier experience. The QuickSilver system makes a wonderful car even more enjoyable.