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Cargraphic Turbo Back Exhaust System (Catless) - Porsche 911 991 Turbo/Turbo S

The Cargraphic Turbo Back Exhaust System (Catless) for the Porsche 911 991 Turbo/Turbo S has been developed and tested to the highest standard on the dyno. It is designed as an absorptive silencer inlcuding a catalytic converter replacement pipe set (DME / ECU reprogramming required).

The result is more power, torque and a better response characteristic. Further evidence of improvements made, are recognised through an enhanced accoustic and weight reduction. Strenghtened brackets as well as the olive- and slide system ensure an exact adjustment, which
guarantees a stressless installation.

New modular design with the possibility of interchanging components. Developed for maximum flow this unique CARGRAPHIC part creates the following further advantages:
- Reduced backpressure
- Reduced temperature
- Maximized performance
- Enhanced sound
- Weight reduction
- Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for accurate plain fit

19KW (25PS) more power and 30Nm additional torque.

The system includes:
1x catalytic converter replacement pipe set (DME / ECU reprogramming required)
1x absorptive silencer or X-Pipe
1x Coupling kit

The exhaust fits the original tailpipe sets.

3 sound levels available: TUV Sound, Super Sound or Race Sound 'Plus'


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