Novitec Spofec Conversion Kit

Rolls Royce Ghost
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Novitec SPOFEC Conversion Kit for the Rolls Royce Ghost

The Novitec Spofec Conversion Kit for the Rolls Royce Ghost gives the car a sporty-elegant aerodynamic enhancement, with new 22-inch alloy wheels, a stainless steel sports exhaust and a power boost.

The luxury sedan’s driving dynamics are further optimized with a carbon ceramic, high-performance braking system and a revised suspension.

State-of-the-art engine tuning by Spofec boosts power output from the 6.6-litre 12-cylinder engine to up to 521 kW / 709 hp and peak torque to 978 Nm.

Carbon fibre body panels include:

- Front Bumper

- Side Skirts

- Rear Bumper Attachment

- Rear Spoiler Lip

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