Race Bi-Compressor (Coupe)

Ferrari 430
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Novitec Race Bi-Compressor for the Ferrari 430 Coupe


If you're looking to improve the performance of your Ferrari 430, we suggest any of the following Novitec products:

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The Novitec Race Bi-Compressor for the Ferrari 430 Coupe includes 2 supercharger with modified turbine-blades and separated oil-circuit, modified and enlarged induction tract complete heat-insulated, water-cooled intercoolers (twice as big as the ones of the SUPERSPORT) with additional water coolers, pumps, complete modified induction tract with air filter covering, reinforced v-ripped belts, injectors, air tract duct in underbody as well as modified ECU‘s. Switching of the flap-regulation at the Manettino in the steering wheel.

Performance: 520 kW (707 hp) / 8.350 rpm.

Max. Boost-pressure: 0.48 bar.

Max. Torque: 712 Nm / 6.300 rpm.

Vmax: 348 km/h (in combination with NOVITEC gear-ratio).

0 – 100 km/h: 3.5 sec

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