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Maserati Novitec Tridente Power Optimized ECU

The Novitec Power Optimized ECU for the Maserati Granturismo 4.7/MC Stradale/GranCabrio/MC (not for 4.2) gives higher performance through newly adjusted ECU with modified group of curves and higher cut-off speed to 7.800 U/min at all gears, as well as switching of the exhaust flaps by the Sport button.

Available Options:

- based on MC Stradale / GT Sport / GranCabrio MC Grancabrio Sport with 338KW (460 hp)
Performance: 351kW (477 hp) / 7.350 rpm
Max. torque: 532 Nm / 4.900 rpm

- based on MC Stradale / Grancabrio Sport with 331KW (450 hp)
Perfomance: 345kW (469 hp) / 7.350 rpm
Max. hinge moment: 521 Nm / 4.900 rpmm

- based on GT-S with 324KW (440 hp)
Performance: 337kW (458 hp) / 7.350 rpm
Max. torque: 506 Nm / 4.950 rpm

- based on GT with 298KW (405 hp)
Max. torque: 472 Nm / 5.100 rpm


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