Novitec Rosso Conversion Kit (Spider)

Ferrari 458
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Novitec Rosso Conversion Kit for the Ferrari 458 Spider

The Novitec program for the Ferrari 458 Spider features a range of options to tune and perfect the car, creating a fully personalised, bespoke stylistic effect combined with optimal performance to unleash the car’s full potential.

Features Include:

-   Complete Novitec aerodynamic program employing high quality carbon fibre modifications to perfect the finish, all wind-tunnel developed and tested for optimal aerodynamic performance, strength and rigidity.

-   Range of engine and ECU tuning options to maximise the car’s performance potential with power increased to as much as 597 bhp.

-   Sports exhaust options to optimise performance and transform the driving experience with state-of-the-art Novitec manufacture and valve-operated, remote control technology.

-   Sport suspension upgrades to create the best possible ride for the car, including hydraulically adjustable suspension technology.

-   Custom interior options including premium carbon fibre modifications.

-   Further custom modifications to complete personalisation of the car.

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