The V8 turbocharged engine of the SL63 and SL65 has 577bhp to play with, and although that means huge pulling power, it’s well controlled and, the same review noted when out on the road, “There’s a lot of traction and despite the huge amount of torque, it’s not easy to unstick the rear wheels even when driving quickly”.

We are the number 1 supplier of Mercedes tuning parts partner Brabus, and a great selection of its products is available directly from us at Scuderia Car Parts for your SL63 or SL65. From a new bonnet logo to a full Brabus performance kit which features a host of uprated engine parts to boost the output by more than 25 per cent, and lots more in between, we’ve got it all. Add to that all the help and advice you could need from a team of dedicated performance car fans, and you have an ideal recipe for choosing wisely when it comes to choosing the best Mercedes SL63 or SL65 parts for your car and individual needs.



Breathe new life into your Mercedes Benz SL63 / SL65 AMG with our range of high-quality aftermarket parts. Scuderia Car Parts is your portal for finding experts who manufacture a wide variety of aftermarket parts, allowing you to enhance your model’s performance.



Our team has extensive knowledge of all performance car models and will ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

We never recommend parts which will invalidate your warranty, and we will make you aware when a modification may cause issues with manufacturer warranty.

With a global network of partner workshops, we can always assist you with finding a trusted garage to carry out installation.

We warrant mechanical items for 3 years, and electronic items for 1 year.

Parts which are in stock can be with you in as little as 2-3 days; special order parts are on a case-by-case basis.

You should always declare any modifications to your insurer, largely to ensure they’re also covered in the event of an accident!

Absolutely – we can have goods delivered to most corners of the globe within 2-3 working days.

They are fully insured, so in the event of loss/damage the parts are completely covered.

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