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Novitec N-Largo Conversion Kit

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari F12
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If you're looking to improve the performance of your Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, we suggest any of the following Novitec products:

- The Novitec Full Conversion Kit

- Front Spoiler Lip in Carbon

- Rear Diffusor in Carbon

- Rear Spoiler Lip in Carbon

- Mirror Covers in Carbon

- Power Optimised Exhaust with Flap Regulation

- Power Optimised ECU

- Type NF4 Wheels in Anthracite (other colours also available)


Novitec’s N-Largo wide body kit for the F12 Berlinetta is now available to order and we are very excited at Scuderia Car Parts to be introducing this exclusive and prestigious new project from one of the world’s leading Ferrari tuners.

The N-Largo kit features a range of carbon fibre body components to create a stunning visual effect with the aggression and muscle of the car taken to new extremes, whilst the use of lightweight carbon fibre components to replace most of the exterior parts improves further on the car’s lightweight construct and aerodynamic qualities.

The body kit is also available as part of a full modification program available for the F12, including:

- Power upgrade to 781bhp, which propels the two-seater to a top speed of almost 220mph.

- Custom wheel set with NF5 three-piece forged wheels- custom designed specifically for the N-Largo kit- rim measurements are 21-inches at the front and 22-inch at the rear.

- Revised sport suspension system, lowers the ride height by 40 millimetres, with front lift function at the push of a button for easier navigation of obstacles.

- Novitec high performance quad sports exhaust system, available with or without valve-control.