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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 458
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Novitec Rosso Power Stage 1 engine upgrade program for the Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider.

Consists of:

 - Newly adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves and a higher cut-off speed to 9.100 rpm (thereby a higher V-max),

 - Carbon Airbox-covers

 - INCONEL exhaust manifolds

 - INCONEL exhaust system without flap-regulation including NOVITEC tailpipes and sports catalysts (100 Zeller) with reduced exhaust back pressure (weight-reduction from stock system: 21 kg.)

 - Optional exhaust system with flap-regulation and switching of the exhaust-flaps at the Manettino on steering wheel.

Performance: 448 kW (609 hp) at 9.100 rpm.

Max. torque: 569 Nm at 5.400 rpm.

Vmax: + 5 km/h