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Novitec Power Optimized Exhaust System With Flap-Regulation

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  • Fitment Details: Ferrari 458
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Ferrari 458 Sport Exhaust System from Novitec

From stock, the Ferrari 458 is noisy enough at high revs but it's not a 'nice' sound, it's just volume - in fact, it almost sounds flat - just a loud and boomy blare. At low rpm the car is almost silent. Owners try to remedy this by fitting remote controls or jamming their OEM valves open but the problem is, this leaves the car sound agricultural at low rpm and you still get that flat blare at high rpm.

The actual solution to making the car sound better is, sadly more expensive - equipping it with a sports exhaust - power and backpressure optimised from 0 rpms. Fitting a proper system that was literally designed to enhance the sound with valves both open and closed right from tickover rpm!

And that's what we supply here.

The exhaust system on the 458 can be separated into three main sections, each of which are available from Novitec to replace the restrictive original Ferrari equivalents. Those sections are:

  • Rear silencer (replaced by a valve operated, remote controlled Novitec sports exhaust)
  • Catalysts (replaced by high-flow sports catalysts)
  • Manifolds (replaced by backpressure optimized race manifolds)

The two 'Stages' we normally recommend are:

  • Stage 1
    Novitec sports rear silencer (with optional integrated valves and remote control)
  • Stage 2
    Novitec sports rear silencer (with optional integrated valves and remote control)
    Novitec 100-cell high-flow sports catalysts with heat protection
    Plug-in module to prevent check engine light

Technically, there is a Stage 3 option which replaces the manifolds as well, but we rarely recommend doing this. The manifolds are a very complex piece of engineering and the price reflects this!

For now, we will focus on what the majority of 458 owners do which is the most basic but very impressive 'Stage 1' exhaust i.e. the sports rear silencer only, as you see here on this page. We will be more than happy to provide more information on Stage 2 if of interest.

Well just listen to that awesome video clip up on this page!

Now, there is a fair bit of confusion on the internet/forums etc about what brand of exhaust is the "best" for the 458.

We are quite clear on this: We work with all major exhaust brands (Novitec, IPE, Armytrix/FI/ etc) , and based on our experience the Novitec exhaust for the 458 are the ones to choose.

There is NO brand out there which:

  • Gives the increase in volume over stock
  • Gives a substantial difference between "open" and "closed"
  • Above all - produces the same unparalleled scream and pitch and THAT is what you pay for!