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Sport Exhaust System Kit 3 Lightweight for the Porsche 911 991 GT3 from Cargraphic

Porsche 991 GT3 Sport Exhaust by Cargraphic

The standard exhaust on the 991 GT3 RS is actually very substantial. After exhaust flow is collected from by the manifolds and then fed into the catalysts, it then has to travel through three silencers on the car. It travels through two silencers on the left and right which are both behind the rear wheels in the corners of the car. These feed into a third final rectangular silencer in the centre of the car at the very back, on which the exhaust end tips are installed and where exhaust flow finally leaves the car.

The layout above is relevant to when you have your 911 GT3/GGT3 RS in the 'quiet' setting, or have cruise mode selected on your drive settings. When you enter the 'loud' setting, or race mode on the drive settings, the two side silencers are diverted and exhaust gas flows straight from the catalysts into the rear silencer then out of the tail pipes.

Our system comprises:

  • Sports manifolds (equal-length to increase exhaust flow)
  • Sports catalysts (200-cell, made by HJS)
  • Lightweight side silencers
  • Link pipes with integrated valve operation
  • Rear silencer replacement pipes

By default the system uses the original tail pipes but a range of optional tail pipes are available.

The valve feature of your new exhaust is retained, therefore when you hit the "sport" button OR the "sports exhaust" button, you open the in-built valves to yield an utterly wild, visceral, classic Porsche flat-6 racing howl! It's VERY loud but more importantly sounds beautiful, with plenty of lovely popping and crackle on the overrun and gear shifts. The loud channel diverts the side silencers but the difference is the gas now blasts straight out from high-flow race manifolds and new sports catalysts. The volume is amplified massively and generates a much more aggressive tone - it essentially sounds like a 911 cup car. It's utterly wild and essentially a racecar sound for the road. Just watch the video!

This is competition spec kit; high performance headers, sport catalysts, enlarged diameter pipework and a rear silencer bypass all up to:

  • +20bhp peak power
  • +19Nm torque

This is an enormous amount of power for a plug-in sports exhaust upgrade on a normally aspirated car with an already efficient exhaust. Being made of lightweight stainless steel, the system also saves over 11.5kg from the stock exhaust.

Please note - our system does not trigger a check engine light. Other vendors may recommend slightly cheaper, more basic systems which do not feature sports catalysts. That's wrong. Sports catalysts are essential in improving the GT3's sound and ensuring a power increase. Only Cargraphic's sport catalyst don't trigger a warning light.

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