Sport Exhaust System Kit 6 Lightweight

Porsche 911 (997)
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Sport Exhaust System Kit 6 Lightweight for the Porsche 911 997 GT3 from Cargraphic

Sport Exhaust System Kit 6 (Lightweight) for Porsche 997 MK1 GT3 / RS.

Performance enhancing but very light exhaust system
With lightweight rear silencer and flaps
17KW(23PS) more power and 17Nm additional torque
19,5Kg weight reduction
Inclusive manifold with equal primary pipe length and spike in the collectorbox
2x ??130mm big volume 200 cell high flow HD Trimetalcatalyser
OBD2 compliant
Pipe bends, pressings with optimised gas flow.
Special 74mm diameter exhaust flaps
Factory car function controls kept fully remained.
Inclusive active SPORT-button.
All parts mounted with AEROQUIP - fittings for optimal tightness and flexibility.

Consisting of:
- Stainless steel manifold with 45mm primary pipe inner diameter
- 200 cell trimetal catalyser set with flaps 74mm
- Lightweight rear silencer
- Assembly material

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