Sport Catalytic Converter Set "X" Pipe Version

Porsche 911 (996)
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Sport Catalytic Converter Set "X" Pipe Version for the Porsche 911 996 GT3 from Cargraphic

Sport catalytic converter set crossover for
Porsche 996GT3 MK1 models.

Precision lasercut stainless steel flanges connect into the catalytic converter inlet cones with 2x Tri-metal big volume 100cell highflow MOTORSPORT catalytic converters

Inlet pipe to "X"-pipe is spring loaded to absorb vibrations thus preventing stress cracking and allowing thermal expansion
"X"-pipe construction with open pipework and gas stream collision improves mid range and top end power and torque significantly

10kW (13PS) more power and 18Nm additional torque

Developed for maximum flow this unique CARGRAPHIC part creates the following further advantages:
- Reduced backpressure
- Reduced temperature
- Maximized performance
- Enhanced sound
- Weight reduction
- Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for accurate
plain fit

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