Sport Rear Silencer Sets

Porsche Cayman
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Cargraphic Sport Rear Silencer Sets for the Porsche Cayman

Sport rear silencer set for Porshce Boxster 987 MK1 / Cayman 987 MK1
with integrated exhaust flaps to be used with either OE flap control (if available) or with our optional performance flap control system.
CARGRAPHIC sport rear silencers are concipated as absorptive silencers which reduce exhaust back pressure drastically. The result is besides more power and torque a better response characteristic. Further evidence of improvements made, are recognised through an enhanced accoustic and weight reduction.
Strenghtened brackets as well as the olive- and slide system ensure an exact adjustment, which guarantees a stressless installation.

The sound with flaps closed is equal to our sport rear
silencers without flaps - NO DRONE OR RESONATION!
Although with flaps opened it steps up to a aggressive
volume increasing sound with revs.

11KW(15PS) more power and 15Nm additional torque.

with integrated exhaust flaps and
2x 89mm tailpipes, round/rolled-in
with perforated insert.

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