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Capristo Sports Exhaust for the Bentley Bentayga

The Capristo Sports Exhaust for the Bentley Bentayga (2016) is made from T309 stainless steel and includes valves, cat spare pipes and a CES-3 valve controller.

The muffler and middle silencer spare pipes have an ECE homologation, but the cat spare pipes have no homologation.

With use of the control unit, the system is freely adjustable and pressure-controlled. The control unit gives you the ability to adjust the pressure you want to drive. In this way you can get the maximum available power. Pressure behavior which costs power will be regulated out.

The control unit has control-LEDs and an RDS transmitter, which sends the values and functions to the car's radio display. It can be adjusted by the remote controller (key fob).

a) Cruise-Mode: The valves will open later.
b) Sport-Mode: The valves will open earlier.
c) Open-Mode: The valves open instantly at any time or situation.

By using the Cruise-Mode or Sport-Mode you can control the threshold for opening the valves. You can also pre-set which of the three modes your car will start-up in.

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