Capristo Sports Exhaust (V10 Pre-Facelift)

Audi R8
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Capristo Sports Exhaust for Audi R8 V10 Pre-Facelift

The Capristo Sports Exhaust for the Audi R8 V10 pre-facelift (2007-2011), contains a muffler, two valves and a programmable Control Unit CES-3. It is also backpressure monitored, handmade with polished T309 stainless steel, and considerably lighter than the standard system (-19kg mass).

The two-valve X-Pipe system gives a huge improvement on volume and tonal quality and now, your V10 R8 will scream with power when you put your foot down.

The muffler is back pressure-controlled and freely programmable, which means that there is a control unit for monitoring the back pressure and delivering a bespoke sound. The control unit allows the owner to individually set the required back pressure levels where valves open and close, permitting the driver to adjust the sound, based on throttle input alone, independent of any remote control unit and completely automatically.

Options Include:

Muffler without cats and without homologation
Muffler with cats and with ECE-homologation

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