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Porsche Panamera
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Capristo Sports Exhaust for Porsche Panamera V8

The Capristo Sports Exhaust System for the Porsche Panamera V8 is made from 1.4828 (T309) stainless steel and the tail pipes are made from aluminium alloy with a ceramic coating.

The system replaces both the rear silencer and the centre section, completely transforming the sound of the exhaust. From start-up, the exhaust has a much deeper rumble to it, and you can really appreciate the volume increase. As you rise through the revs, the deep rumble progresses, eventually becoming a high pitched howl as you reach the high end of the revs which truly transforms the car.

The system can be controlled via the on-board Porsche control system, but if your car don´t have exhaust valves, then it´s necessary to order the programmable control unit. The optional remote control unit operates the valves enabling the driver to have total control over sound delivery.

The system can be silent or extreme whenever you want it to be, from the touch of a button. Made in ultra-high grade T309 stainless steel, the Capristo system is also substantially lighter than the stock exhaust and its double-skinned construction and flow capabilities mean less heat is retained within the exhaust. A power gain in the region of 20 bhp is achieved via the reduction in backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe with hugely improved efficiency, especially at high rpm.

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