Capristo Sports Exhaust 1/3 with Valves

Ferrari 360
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Capristo Sports Exhaust 1/3 with Valves for Ferrari 360

The valved Capristo Sports Exhaust System 1/3 for the Ferrari 360, with Sound Level 3 comes in T309 stainless steel, polished.

This system is comparable with the Sound Level 3 Capristo exhaust, but with exhaust valves. This exhaust system can be installed simply using Capristo’s custom mounting brackets which are supplied and the original vacuum pipes fit directly into the Capristo valve system. The opening or closing of the valves is controlled by the ECU, therefore working the same way the original exhaust was designed.

A simple wireless remote control is optional and has the ability to open and close the valves at a touch of a button.

Available Options:

Sports catalytic converter, without heat protection, 200 cells
Sports catalytic converter, with heat protection, 200 cells
Catalyst spare pipe
Optional remote control unit (open/close) with key fob
Water pump for the 360 incl. MwSt.


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