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Capristo Sports Exhaust (B8)

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  • Fitment Details: Audi RS4
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Audi RS4 Sport Exhaust System from Capristo

The first thing to bear in mind is that there are three components that make up your original exhaust on the RS4 excluding the manifolds: rear silencers, centre silencer and catalytic converters (at the front of the car).

Our Capristo exhaust system comprises the following components:

  • Central resonated silencer OR straight through pipes
  • Twin rear silencers dual-chambered with valve control

This means the Capristo exhaust replaces both the rear silencer and the centre section - namely everything from the catalysts backward (it is a full cat-back system). This does not therefore affect particulate emissions and is fine for SMOG or MOT tests.

From start-up, the exhaust has a deep rumble to it, and you can really appreciate the volume increase over stock. However, as the revs increase, this deep rumble progresses, eventually becoming a throbby wonderful V8 howl as you reach the high end of the revs. This fantastic tonal quality is what makes the Capristo so special - and together with the sportier volume - serve to truly transform your car. The good news is that there is no resonance - just an excellent throaty louder tone (this is down to the combination of central and rear silencers being replaced and careful thought to tonal quality and the type of silencing required to produce a given sound).

The system can be specified with a centre silencer or a central unsilenced pipe:

Version with Centre Silencer

Version with Centre Pipe (on RS5 with the same engine)

You can hear that the version with the straight-through pipe has a more aggressive, throaty crackle.

Like all Capristo exhausts, the exhaust note is fully customisable. The exhaust is a valved system, and the valves are operated via the on-board Audi Sports button. Enabling or disabling sports mode opens or closes the valves. When open, the exhaust operates at full volume, projecting the wonderful Capristo tone from it. When closed however, this sound is quelled and similar to stock, enabling the driver to make a more subtle entrance/exit, or to have a less invasive noise on those longer journeys.

Unlike all other sports exhaust manufactures who use the standard T304 stainless steel, the Capristo system is made from the highest quality T309 grade stainless steel with excellent build quality. This high grade stainless steel ensures maximum heat protection, and also helps to reduce temperatures while allowing exhaust gasses to flow far quicker through it.

Fitting is a simple bolt-on job and can be done at most competent garages.