Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust

Ferrari 488
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Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust - Ferrari 488

The Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust for the Ferrari 488 is constructed using high-grade, ultra-lightweight special titanium alloys – with parts cast in Akrapovic’s in-house foundry. This provides a weight reduction of 35.2% over the stock exhaust.

Larger-diameter tubes assist airflow and a different system configuration lowers backpressure to increase performance and power outputs. It is ECE type-approved and comes with easy-to-install instructions.

It is finished with a carbon-fibre outer sleeve on the tailpipes. Especially when combining the Slip-On system with the optional stainless-steel link pipe sets with or without catalytic converters, it emphasizes the character of the Ferrari V8 (flat-crank engine) sound with the unique Akrapovic note.

POWER: +5.7kWat 6800 rpm

WEIGHT: -3.8kg

TORQUE: +6.3Nmat 5200 rpm

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