Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust

Nissan GT-R
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Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust - Nissan GT-R

The Evolution performance exhaust for the Nissan GT-R, is made of titanium and complements its race-inspired looks.

Substantial work by the Akrapovic R&D team was required to achieve impressive horsepower and torque output increase over stock, with gains being realised at the redline and throughout the entire rpm range.

There are substantial reductions in weight achieved through careful design and the use of light titanium. The power-to-weight ratio improves on both fronts: power increase and weight reduction.

The GT-R deserves a great sound and the Akrapovic Evolution system delivers it: deep, loud, and aggressive but without droning.

Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium or tailpipes in carbon fibre.

POWER: +12.5kWat 6260 rpm

WEIGHT: -17.3kg

TORQUE: +56.1Nmat 2600 rpm

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